07-01-2012 Die Chinesische Stunde

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11条回应:“07-01-2012 Die Chinesische Stunde”

  1. Edwin说道:

    deberian colocar un mejor video

    • liumengmeng说道:

      herzlichen vielen danke fuer die Anschauen, jaa ,wir uebernehmen die Vorschlag und versuchen auf jeden Fall bessere Video die liebe Zuschauerer und liebe Zuschauerinnen anzubieten.

    • Jenn说道:

      Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend fiunirgg this one out!

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    • http://www./说道:

      Hmm, working on this too my friend. But everything's just so clean and well ordered in blogland isn't it? There's beautiful decor, fab recipes, amazing craft, inspiring women…."Charlie bit me" on youTube…It's hard sometimes to turn away from that to go and hang out the tenth load of washing for that day. Must.Try.Harder.Love your art class by the way…fantastic painting – well done! Meredy xo.

    • http://www./说道:

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    • http://www./说道:

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    • http://www./说道:

      Cool, will check it out! And I will certainly try not to insult my illustrious host :angel … but in your defense YOU DO have me lapped, what when it comes to pubbed books on the shelves and all. :brava


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